Directory of Alchemist Kitchen Businesses

Have you seen this logo?

Businesses in the Alchemist Kitchen Incubator Program (AKIP) add this logo to their products or to their signage so customers can know they are part of the incubator program run by Sacramento non-profit, Alchemist CDC. If you see this logo at a farmers market, in a store, or elsewhere, you know that your purchase is supporting a small local business!

Why support Alchemist Kitchen businesses?

  • Alchemist Kitchen is all about inclusive economic development. This program is helping to ensure the benefits of growth are enjoyed more equitably with opportunity for all.
  • By supporting Alchemist Kitchen businesses you are making Sacramento more vibrant and diverse, since AKIP only works with businesses who are from under-resourced communities.
  • Alchemist Kitchen businesses make a diverse array of amazing products! We would not accept a business that is making a product we haven’t tried and approved.
  • Alchemist Kitchen businesses receive on-going support from Alchemist coaches as part of their participation in the program. You can be assured all AKIP businesses are operating in full compliance.