As a non-profit kitchen, we make every effort to keep the costs as low as possible for the food entrepreneurs making use of our space. Start-up food businesses have so many initial costs and a difficult path to profitability, so we make it our aim to lessen the burden of rent. Your support of Alchemist Kitchen helps us to maintain these low costs and promote the success of these new businesses around Sacramento.

Financial Giving

If you would like to support our programs financially, you can donate at this link. Any support makes a real difference!

Donating Equipment and Tools

Do you have working commercial restaurant equipment, tools, etc., that you would like to donate to our program? Contact us below to inquire about making a tax-deductible in-kind donation to Alchemist Kitchen. Note that our kitchen is located in Sacramento, CA and any donations must be brought to our location. For items within the greater Sacramento area we may be able to arrange for donated items to be picked up.

Some items may be put to use by the businesses making use of our kitchen, others might help improve the kitchen space, and others might be sold by Alchemist Kitchen to raise funding to support the program. Please feel free to contact us about any items you would like to donate to see if we can put them to use. If we are interested in the items we will contact you about scheduling a drop off time for items you’d like to donate.

We are actively seeking donations of the following items in good condition:

  • Commercial ice maker and bin
  • Stainless steel prep tables
  • Electric dryer
  • Rubber mallet
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Office chairs
  • Multiple identical tables/desks that can be combined into a conference table or separated to function as classroom desks
  • Desktop PCs
  • Mini Refrigerator
  • Label maker
  • Commercial dishwasher racks
  • Commercial cutting boards
  • Industrial fan
  • Thermal laminator
  • Manual pallet jack truck