The Alchemist Kitchen has the tools you need.


  • Dry storage rolling rack included with membership: 35.6 sq ft (6 shelves with dimensions of 47.5″ x 18″ each)
  • Cold storage (in reach-in or walk-in) space included with membership
  • Reach-in freezer space available for additional fee


  • ProCore 6-burner range with oven
  • Wolf 4-burner range with griddle
  • Double decker Southbend convection oven
  • 3 speed racks
  • Hobart Mixer 60-quarts
  • 20-quart mixer
  • 3 Vitamix blenders
  • Robot Coupe
  • Dough sheeter
  • Commercial dishwasher use (includes detergents and sanitizer)
  • Three compartment sink
  • Prep tables
  • Sheet pans and small wares


  • Labeling Area: use of labeling Area does not count against kitchen hours
  • Co-working office: use of the office does not count against kitchen hours
  • Option to receive mail at the kitchen
  • Highspeed WiFi internet access
  • 24/7 Keyless entry
  • Cameras and alarm for added security
  • Washing machine and dryer for kitchen rags and aprons
  • Advanced online scheduling for the kitchen

Infrastructure and Utilities

  • Towels and cleaning supplies
  • Pest control
  • Utilities included
  • Dumpsters for recycling, garbage collection, and grease trap
  • Compost bin for food waste