Whether your business requires just a few kitchen hours a month or a few days each week, membership at Alchemist Kitchen provides you with the tools you need at an affordable price. We are seeking businesses who are interested in monthly subscriptions. Rent starts at $28/hour but goes down the more hours you commit to. Here are some example monthly rates (a more complete list can be found here):

Hours per Month Hours Per Week Monthly Price Price/Hour Equivalent AMA/FNDC Discount Rate (10%) Price/Hour Equivalent AKIP Discount Rate (25%) Price/Hour Equivalent
9 2 $252 $28.00 $227 $25.20 $189 $21.00
22 5 $535 $24.32 $482 $21.89 $401 $18.24
44 10 $965 $21.93 $869 $19.74 $724 $16.45
87 20 $1,820 $20.92 $1,638 $18.83 $1,365 $15.69

Additional Notes:


      • Custom Plans: Monthly plans for more/less kitchen hours each month are available. This spreadsheet shows examples of some additional options. Contact us for more information.

      • Overage Hours: If you need more than your allotted hours, additional hours will be billed at $28/hour ($25.20/hour for AMA/FNDC, $21/hour for AKIP).

      • Storage Space: Every membership comes with assigned dry and cold storage space. Additional space may be available to kitchen members for additional charges. Example storage rates include: $25- storage shelf in garage; $50- shelf of storage in fridge or freezer; $100- second dry storage metro rack or large equipment storage

      • Clean-up: Every active period of kitchen use receives 30 minutes of clean-up time immediately afterward at no extra charge.

      • Co-working Office: All memberships come with access to the co-working office for administrative work. Office use does not count against allotted kitchen hours.

      • Labeling Room: All memberships come with access to the labeling room where labeling and secondary packaging can take place. Hours using the labeling room do not count against allotted kitchen hours.