Whether your business requires just a few kitchen hours or a few days each week, membership at Alchemist Kitchen provides you with the tools you need at an affordable price. The kitchen is available for rent by the hour at $25/hour. Alternatively, monthly subscription memberships are available at the prices listed below.

Hours per MonthHours Per WeekMonthly PricePrice/Hour EquivalentAMA/FNDC Discount Rate (10%)Price/Hour EquivalentAKIP Discount Rate (20%)Price/Hour Equivalent

Additional Notes:

  • Custom Plans: Monthly plans for more/less kitchen hours each month are available. This spreadsheet shows examples of some additional options. Contact us for more information.
  • Overage Hours: If you need more than your allotted hours, additional hours will be billed at $25/hour ($22.50/hour for AMA/FNDC, $20/hour for AKIP).
  • Storage Space: Every membership comes with assigned dry and cold storage space. Additional space may be available for additional charges.
  • Clean-up: Every active period of kitchen use receives 30 minutes of clean-up time immediately afterward at no extra charge.
  • Co-working Office: All memberships come with access to the co-working office for administrative work. Office use does not count against allotted kitchen hours.
  • Labeling Room: All memberships come with access to the labeling room where labeling and secondary packaging can take place. Hours using the labeling room do not count against allotted kitchen hours.
  • Amenities: a full list of kitchen amenities can be seen here.
  • AMA = Alchemist Microenterprise Academy. AMA graduates receive this discounted rate.
  • FNDC = Franklin Neighborhood Development Corporation Spanish Language Micro-enterprise Program. FNDC Micro-enterprise graduates receive this discounted rate.
  • AKIP = Alchemist Kitchen Incubator Project. AKIP participants receive this discounted rate.