Puzz E Gata Jamaica

Puzz E Gata Jamaica is an artisan brewed hibiscus flower tea “steeped” in the traditions of Mexico. Puzz E Gata Jamaica is a queer Chicana owned business. Our agua de jamaica recipe was created from my many conversations with the women of Mexico. We brew our tea using only fresh ingredients. We do not use additives, preservatives or artifical coloring. We have created two unique infusions: jalapeño and nopal (cactus). Jalapeños and nopales hold a honorable position in Mexican gastronomy and are a way we maintain connection to our culture. We harvest our jalapeños and nopales (cactus) from the Puzz E Gata Jamaica Garden.


Bottled Jamaica Tea
Hibiscus Syrup
Hibiscus Chamoy
Other hibiscus products


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Pamela Marquez
(916) 912-5058



Puzz E Gata Jamaica makes its home in Sacramento. Visit us any Saturday at the Midtown Farmers Market. You can find us at the Sacramento Natural Foods Coop too.

Puzz E Gata Jamaica brews four distinctive aguas de jamaica (hibiscus flower tea): Original, Jalapeño, Agrio (tart) and Nopal (cactus).

Our brewing process yields a high volume of residual flowers. Puzz E Gata Jamaica uses the residual flower in our other hibiscus products: hibiscus butter, hibiscus chamoy, hibiscus syrup, hibiscus rim sugar and hibiscus vinegar.